What’s Cookin’

The Amazing Ava

is our latest short film and will be complete soon.  This is our first foray into live action and animation together — think Roger Rabbit meets Pippi Longstocking.  The first tests are just in and we are excited.  Shot by the award winning DP Andrew Rodger, we are sure this sweet little story will warm your heart.  Stay tuned to this channel for updates.

The Amazing Ava is a story about a father who reads his estranged daughter’s journal and begins to understand that she isn’t quite the pink and girly kid he assumed her to be.

Harry & Ethel

is about a cantankerous old woman who rescues, aka steals, a mistreated dog and names it Harry, after her favorite royal. When Ethel is tasked with caring for her recalcitrant granddaughter, Autumn, Harry provides the catalyst that thaws Ethel’s long iced over heart and facilitates a bond between grandmother and granddaughter.  Ethel and Autumn come to learn that, together, they can win any battle.

Written by Samantha Dewar-English, this children’s story will entertain the whole family with wry, snappy dialogue and hilarious characters. With post-production funding in place, the producers are looking to round out the budget and start shooting Spring 2016. This will be the first feature film from the Mobley Street team.

Last Christmas

was also written by Samantha Dewar-English and is a sweet little short about a doomed love affair. This heartbreakingly funny story will make you laugh and cry with its brilliant and poignant dialogue. Starring Harry ter Haar and Irene Panni, this short film was shot in December 2014 and is now making its way around the festival circuit.

Edited by Sebastiano Dell’eva

Director of Photography Tania Freimuth

Last Christmas on IMDB